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Membership in WIN

Why Organize Your Neighborhood?
Whether your neighborhood is historic, well established or just being developed, there are issues that will affect your quality of life and your enjoyment of your home. Many of the established neighborhood associations have come together over a crisis:  crime, zoning changes, non-compatible land uses, flooding and many others. Whether called neighborhood, homeowners or business association, such an organization can be a long term representative for you in the larger community. Composed of people who live in the neighborhood, who better to work on common problems, keep abreast of developments that affect neighborhoods and be available to voice your concerns when issues arise.

Membership Benefits

Networking Opportunities

Quarterly General Membership Meeting brings members together to listen to knowledgeable and relevant speakers and to discuss neighborhood issues and concerns.

Member Support, Advice and Assistance

WIN Board Members are available to share their wealth of experience with any member on many topics, including but not limited to starting a neighborhood association, neighborhood clean-ups, newsletters, running successful meetings, fund raising, special events and conflict resolution.

Bloom Grant Eligibility

WIN Members may apply for a WIN Bloom Grant once each year for first time grass roots projects, such as a neighborhood clean-up or a beautification project, start-up expenses for newsletters or a website, crime prevention signage, and other amenities that can be used by or that are beneficial to all residents of their association.

Technical Assistance

  • Back-up files of bylaws and incorporation records can be maintained for any interested members.
  • Funds management is available to assist members with special projects in their respective neighborhoods for a reasonable administrative fee.
  • Provide Group 501 (c) (4) exemptions for eligible associations.
  • Work with City of Wichita and Sedgwick County departments to find solutions to member’s neighborhood issues as appropriate.

Complimentary Newsletter
Available by email or regular mail when published to keep members informed of regular meetings, special events and quality of life issues in Wichita and Sedgwick County. 

Your paid up association dues will qualify you to vote
in the Election of new Board Members and Officers
at the Annual Meeting in January of 2014.

Membership Dues
Membership is $35.

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Training at Neighborhood U

Mayor Carl Brewer at the Annual Meeting

WIN managed contributions for the
Orchard Park Skate Park


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